Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Never Too Late To Start Something Worth Doing

That was the first sentence that I wrote in my personal journal last month. You see, since my son was born (4 &1/2 years ago) I have been meaning to start writing in a journal. We take lots of pictures and such (not as many as we used to) but I realized that the best parts were also the simplest and most fleeting moments. Those times that I want to remember...but know that I never will. So, I kept thinking about that journal. BUT after a while I figured it was just too late to start. I had missed so much, maybe I would just forget it.
However, one day I just decided to start. I went and bought a journal. I bought a new pen. I put the new pen and the new journal by my bed so that I can write in it for a few minutes each night. It was very difficult to make myself do it at first but now it has become a fun and rewarding exercise. I look forward to the time alone with my thoughts. I revel in the thought that one day my children will read about their childhoods from MY perspective. It is a gift I give to myself and it started because I TOOK ACTION.
If you have been considering beginning a health and wellness program, the only way to begin is to take action. If you have a friend that has been talking and talking about it...tell them to TAKE ACTION. Don't wait until the time is right (it never is), don't wait until you have more money (you never do) don't wait until you get more rest (it won't happen). DON'T WAIT!

It's never too late to start something that is worth doing.

But you DO have to start.