Monday, December 19, 2011

Staying Healthy this Holiday is Easier Than You Think

Staying Healthy this Holiday is Easier Than You Think

Tis the season for Holiday shopping, parties, gatherings and a whole lot of homemade Holiday cooking! For most of us, the Holiday Season disrupts our normal health routines and habits. Spinning class is replaced by an office party and our evening Zumba class is spent at the mall trying to complete the never ending shopping list. To make it even worse as we go for Grandma’s special snowmen brownies a voice in our head tells us over and over again, “Don’t do it!” or “You’re gonna regret that!” We can be too hard on ourselves during this time of year, but here are some things to consider before you get down on indulging and some tips on how to enjoy your holidays this year:

  1. First, you’re most likely not going to gain ten pounds between now and New Year’s Day. No matter what has happened since Thanksgiving and what you have planned for the remainder of 2011, according to research the average person gains between 1 and 4 pounds during this time. Not great, but not ten pounds either, so celebrate!
  2. Be real with yourself. You’re most likely not going to lose weight, adjust your goal to try to avoid gaining weight.
  3. Plan time to exercise. As I mentioned, routines are disrupted and classes or gym time is missed, so try to find other ways to exercise. Park farther away at the mall. Not only will you avoid those ugly parking battles, you’ll most likely save time parking and walking the extra 20 yards than driving around trying to find that great spot close to the entrance. Finding an extra five minutes in everyday tasks can add up! If you can plan time to exercise that is great, it can be a fantastic stress reliever!
  4. Don’t try to skip a meal prior to a party, that just leads to over eating. Instead eat a raw vegetable or piece of fruit, that will curb your appetite a bit and boost your confidence. It’s like they say, one good decision leads to another.
  5. When you are faced with a goody filled buffet, stick with your favorites temptation and pass on those foods you can live without.

Remember that the Holidays are about being with family and friends, not necessarily the food. So enjoy the time you have together, create some new memories and worry less about what to eat. Besides, there’s always your New Year’s Resolutions to help get back on track!

For more tips visit: CPMC Sutter Health

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa's Workshop a Great Success

Teaching children the importance of giving and sharing can be a challenge especially during the holiday season when the mantra, "I WANT..." can be heard everywhere. Adults need to role model generosity, compassion, empathy and philanthropy if they expect children to grow up to be good neighbors.
Last Thursday the Y gave families the opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas with an event called Santa's Workshop. More than 30 people packed the Hazen Room and brought toys that were then wrapped and will be delivered to ABC Women's Center and NEAT. Children enjoyed making crafts, and eating cookies but the highlight of the evening was definitely Santa Claus making an appearance to thank the children for their donations.
There was a wonderful feeling of Christmas in the room that night. Everyone was smiling and laughing and enjoying being together. And that is the best way to teach values, by doing more than talking about sharing, by having children actually share.

Thank you to Tony Sharillo, Melanie Carfora, Amy Cardoza, Dave Jacob, Maegan Musanti, Kevin Devery and the staff of the Therapeutic Support Mentoring Program for all of their work and support.