Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Strengthening the Community: The Middlesex Y’s 2012 Community Support Campaign

When you stop and think about the YMCA, what comes to mind? 

Did you know that the most frequent answer is: a gym and a pool?  While it’s true that the Y, and in particular the Middlesex Y, boasts two swimming pools and impressive gym facilities, there is so much more to our story.

Since 1886, the Middlesex Y has been instrumental in providing positive, healthy, life-changing opportunities and accessibility for all who seek to reach their full potential. The Middlesex Y has and continues to serve the community through its programs and services, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. 

Each year, more than 11,250 youth, families and residents participate in programs such as Kids Korner, Camp Ingersoll, Barracuda Swim Team, Youth Fitness and Exercise, special Family Nights and Events, Therapeutic Mentoring, Personal Fitness and Housing for Men. 

For many individuals and families, these life changing programs would not be accessible without financial assistance. Fortunately, the Middlesex Y has never turned anyone away due to lack of funds.  This has always been, and remains true today, thanks to our generous donors.  Each year, more than $300,000 is given to our community members to ensure that each and every person who wants to participate is able to.  
March 1st marks the official kickoff of our 2012 Community Support Campaign. During the month, members of the Y community (Board members, staff and community volunteers) will be sharing their Y stories, and the tremendous impact our Y has on kids, families and individuals every day, with others. We want to share the good work of the Middlesex Y.

During this time, we also ask you, our members, donors, friends and participants to join us.  As a non-profit organization, the Middlesex Y relies on generous contributions from you, ensuring that all of our programs remain accessible to all. 

To learn more about how you can contribute to the Middlesex Y’s 2012 Community Support Campaign, please visit: or contact Jessica Carso, Director of Development at 860-343-6254 or via email at 

We also invite you to share your Y story with us!  Send along your story to Jessica via email. Stories submitted may be used in our communications and outreach materials.

There’s more to tell…stay tuned for another Community Support post soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

YMCA Camp Ingersoll Registrations and Pavilions!

It's been quite a busy start to the year here at camp. Camp Registration is underway and it is off to a very strong start. So far we have received just about 300 more registrations than we did at this time last year! Our specialty camps are quickly filling up, so register now if you haven't done so already. For a complete list of our closed programs, visit our website:

Steve, working with Pearce Remodeling LLC, has completed the construction of our new Herb Mayo Wee Hut! All that is left is a couple coats of paint and stain.

This new addition to camp will allow the Wee Wonders and Kiddy Kampers to each have their own activity space exclusively for their own programs. This means a larger area for crafts, special projects, liquid sunshine shelter and overall program improvement. I can't wait to see it full of Wees!

We got another surprise last week when Durham Fitness donated a Walk-In Cooler to Camp! The plan is to assemble this 10' x 12' feature near the Kiddy Kamp and Wee Huts so that these Units will be able store their lunches and cooking projects, thus eliminating the walk up to the Long House! The Kiddy Kamp and Wee Wonder Staff especially want to Thank Durham Fitness for that!

There are more site improvements and updates on the way so stay tuned!

Monday, February 13, 2012

50/50 Fitness Competition - Camp Director Challenge #4

Another fine Monday Morning!

Since this is the Final Week and the Final Challenge, let's put all the pieces together! For this week's challenge we're gonna complete a full body workout and throw in some running. Take a look:

Tony's Challenge

Complete a 30 min Upper Body Workout
Complete a 30 min Lower Body Workout
Complete a 15 min Ab/Core Workout
Run at least 10 miles

You can do your own exercises, I will be doing mostly body weight resistance, push ups, pull ups, lunges/swats, etc... Contestants must complete all the workouts to receive the bonus points, partial points will not be awarded for individual workouts.

Good luck and stay fit!

Monday, February 6, 2012

50/50 Fitness Competition - Camp Director Challenge #3

Happy Monday Morning!

Not only is today Monday, but it is also the first day of Open Registration for YMCA Camp Ingersoll! Another sign that summer will be here before you know it.

If you are like me, you spent the day yesterday eating foods that you maybe should have turned down at a Superbowl gathering. For me, let's just say that my body is regretting all the home made nachos, wings, pizza and other appetizers I ingested during the game. I need to burn it all off this week!

Camper Director's Weekly Challenge:

Workout at the Y 5 times.

You can run, swim, lift, use the elliptical or whatever you want, but get into the Y. We're halfway through and this is the week to put the time in.

See you at the Y and stay fit.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kids' Korner Gives Back: A Look at Community Service

Caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are the four character values embraced by the YMCA. Our Kids’ Korner before and after school programs are committed to teaching children the importance of helping others. Our sites have been completing community service projects throughout the school year that have made a difference. Check out what we have done so far!

Bielefield: Children and staff coordinated a coat drive this winter. Families were asked to bring in gently used coats that were donated to the Goodwill.

ECS: The kids at ECS recognized that the cleanliness of their school grounds and play scape was becoming an issue. They decided to take matters into their own hands and dedicated a day to cleaning up garbage up on the playground and school yard.

Farm Hill: Staff and children created crafts around the holidays that were donated to local senior centers to brighten the decor!

Lawrence: Children are writing and designing their own books based off of the February theme of caring. Once these books are completed they will hopefully be able to read them in classrooms of younger kids at Lawrence.

Macdonough: The children and staff recently held a Dental Drive to benefit Amazing Grace Food Pantry. They visited the pantry, advertised their drive and collected new toothbrushes, dental floss, mouthwash and toothpaste. They recently delivered over 85 pounds supplies to Amazing Grace!

Snow: Snow School Kids' Korner had their Annual Sandwich Day. Parents, staff, and children participated in a service learning project where they assembled over 250 sandwiches that were donated to St. Vincent De Paul Place. Donations for sandwiches are contributed from Kids' Korner families and staff.

Spencer: The children at Spencer are collecting baby care supplies for the ABC Women’s Shelter in Middletown. They are collecting items such as baby wipes, food, formula and diapers. If you would like to help them, please let us know!

Valley View: Children and staff coordinated two different food drives, one for the Amazing Grace Food Pantry and one for a local animal shelter. They collected non-perishable food items for humans and pet food and supplies for our 4 legged friends.

Wesley: The staff and children held a bake sale during parent/teacher conferences. This bake sale was truly a group effort; families and staff donated baked goods, the youngers advertised and the olders perfected their sales pitch and sold the baked goods. They raised $295.00! The kids decided to donate the money to the Meriden Humane Society and a local church to help provide Christmas presents to local families.

Woodside: The kids and staff created a Mitten Tree at the program. They asked people to bring in new mittens, hats and gloves to donate to a shelter in Middletown. Thank you to the teachers, families and Kids’ Korner staff at WIS for helping collect 60 items to donate!

We are proud of the children, families and staff who have completed these projects! Please stay tuned for more upcoming projects.