Monday, January 30, 2012

50/50 Fitness Competition - Camp Director Challenge #2

Good Morning Campers!!

I hope many of you completed last week's challenge of running a total of 12 miles! After some reflection on my challenged based event ahead, I imagine myself of crawling through miles of mud under barbed wire fence and through tunnels, it occurs to me that I'll need some upper body strength. So here is my Upper Body Strength Challenge:

Complete a total of 275 push ups!

My training team and I (Maegan), will do a variety of push up exercises over a course of two separate workouts. But again you can complete the challenge anyway you like, as long as you get to 275 by next Monday.

Good Luck and Stay Fit!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

50/50 Fitness Competition - Camp Director Challenge #1

Alright 50/50 contestants as this fitness challenge is about to officially kick-off I first want to thank you for participating. Half of the money raised will help give some children an opportunity they would not otherwise have to experience YMCA Camp Ingersoll this summer. A truly great thing, thank you.

A little about my challenges (I promise the remainder challenges won't be this long winded):

I've been trying to increase my level of fitness for a few years now and in my quest for health, I recently registered for a Tough Mudder event to be held this May. A 10 mile extreme obstacle course that involves running up a mountain, climbing and crawling through mud along with other crazy obstacles. I hear that it requires a mix of stamina, strength and mental toughness to complete. So as I prepare for my adventure, I am challenging you to complete a portion of my training regiment. Important note: I, along with my training partner Maegan, will be completing all my challenges issued each week. Some may be harder than others, but they all are challenging to me! Each challenge must be completed prior to the following Monday and remember our core character value of Honesty!

Tony's Challenge Week 1
I need to get some mileage under my belt, so I figure that a running challenge is a nice way to start. I know it's cold outside, but that's part of the challenge, plus there are plenty of treadmills available.

Run a total of 12 miles

Good luck and stay fit!