Monday, January 21, 2013

Greetings from YMCA Camp Ingersoll

We have all heard that camp is the place for campers to explore the great outdoors, learn values, make friends with “professional role models” in a fun and safe environment.  Well I can tell you first hand that it truly is, and there is much more that camp has to offer!

For the past 16 years, I always thought I knew what the benefits that a camp experience has had on a camper.  I often talk about the values and confidence we instill, the new experiences we offer, and the friendships that can be made.  But it wasn’t my son attended camp for the first time last summer that I not only saw the effects, but felt them in my home.  Michael went from being one of those nervous campers that would not sing at flag or swim during afternoon rec swim, to just a few short weeks later, one of those campers that would jump right into the water (as well as swim under water!) and sing songs as loud as he could, doing his best to imitate the movements as well.

That experience for my family and I last year further solidified my belief that every child should be able to attend, regardless of their ability to pay.  Though the cost to run a high quality camp program increases each year, the Y is committed to serve all our families within our diverse community. 
In our best effort to raise the amount of funds needed to cover the true cost of camp, without risking some of our families losing out on the opportunity to attend, I am very pleased to announce our voluntary 4-tier pricing program for our Summer Camp programs.

Tiered Pricing will allow families to choose the price that works best for them. Naming your price requires no paperwork and in no way influences the experience your child will receive at camp.
Tier 1 is based on the True Cost of campers participating in the selected programs.  It includes direct expenses, field trips, special guests and long-term wear and tear. If you are able to pay this amount, please do so.  Thank you.  
Tier 2 is a partially subsidized rate that will enable families that just can’t afford the full cost of the camp to attend.  Please, choose this rate if your family has the need to receive a subsidized rate. 

Tier 3 is a more heavily subsidized rate for families whose children would not be able to attend camp otherwise.  If you unable to afford either of the higher rates, please pay this amount.

Tier 4 is our traditional Open Doors Program.

You know your family’s financial situation better than we do. Please carefully consider the amount that your family can afford. If the middle price seems comfortable to you, choose it. If you think you can help with some of the bigger expenses of the camps, please choose the higher price. And remember, our practice is that no one is turned away for a lack of funds. If paying for camp is a significant challenge for your family and need additional help, please contact us. We want to welcome everyone one to join us because we believe the experience we offer at camp is invaluable!

I hope you will join us this summer!

Best Wishes,

Tony Sharillo, Camp Director