Monday, May 2, 2011

Fear of Commitment?

Some folks just do not like a long term commitment. They get nervous when you talk about "next year" or say "anniversary". Those folks often do not join the YMCA because they imagine that a membership is a tie down, or a regular routine that they deem too inflexible for them.
Well, we have the solution for them. Beginning right now, we are offering a summer short term membership special for $1 A Day. Now yes, there is a two week minimum, but even the most cynical "non commiters" can see that 2 weeks is like a first date. Additional weeks are only $7.
So, please tell your friends and your family members that are always saying things like, "I need to start exercising", or "I keep meaning to get to the Y", that NOW is the time to get started.

Before you know it they'll be loving it here and we'll get them into a long term relationship (but don't tell them'll be our secret).

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