Thursday, November 29, 2012



 Welcome to one of the best physical fitness programs offered to children of all ages CATCH! Catch stands for Coordinated Approach to Child Health. Catch offers non-elimination games that include all children from all different backgrounds. Catch also includes a nutritional piece that promotes healthy eating and wellness. Currently we offer our Catch recess programming in seven local elementary schools here in Middletown. (Bielefield, Wesley, Macdonough, Farm Hill, Snow, Moody and Spencer)
             The Catch Program is conducted two to three times a week at recess time by our trained Catch Coordinators. This wonderful program is also coordinated at all of our 11 Kids Korner before and after school programs. Over 500 children take part in our Kids Korner Catch programming monthly.
            On a weekly basis we recognize Catch participants who go above and beyond within our programming. These participants get their picture taken and a prize for their hard work, good attitude and dedication to better themselves physically. These particular students are recognized on our Catch Kid of the Week Board at the YMCA and on our Kids Korner Facebook page!
            Catch is also provided three times a week to our pre-school students here at the YMCA. Catch helps develop the gross motor skills of all our participants while giving them the proper exercise they need to grow physically. Catch also helps our pre-school students further develop mentally. Kids are asked to demonstrate simple techniques and skills which become second nature through repetition.
If you have any questions or would like to receive any additional information on Catch Programming please contact Catch Coordinator Kevin Cassesse @ (860)343-6211 or email

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