Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NBA Star Returns to Middlesex YMCA

Recently, Andre Drummond, starting center of the Detroit Pistons, stopped in at the Middlesex YMCA for some pick-up basketball. The 20-year-old NBA player is well on his path to stardom, but it all started for him on the courts of the Middlesex Y. He started as a camper at YMCA Camp Ingersoll and later instructed basketball camp at the Y. Drummond recalls growing up playing ball with the older kids at the Y who took him under their wing. Drummond’s cousin and several childhood friends many of whom were Y members, arrived to join in the memories. Several games of pick-up ensued as many of the current young Y members looked on in aspiration. At 6’10”, Drummond towered over everyone else on the court that night. With all of his success in such a short period of time, Andre is still the same guy said his cousin.

 He is very modest and is not afraid to credit the Y, “I owe a lot to the YMCA, for letting me come in to play ball day in and day out.”  Andre stayed for nearly 2 hours that night playing ball and he was sure to give time towards the end of the night to get all of the younger kids on the court for the chance to go one on one with a rising NBA star who was once in the same shoes as them. Andre Drummond is truly a shining example of a Y success story.

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