Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 Minutes to a better routine

Whether you are a beginner thinking about just starting out, someone just 'getting back to' exercise after a break, or a fitness regular looking for a new challenge. Spend 3 Minutes to read this and learn how to take your 'exercise routine' to a new level.

First, understand that your 'exercise routine' could be taking the stairs instead of the elevator once a day, or running for an hour before work. Whatever you do, Winter is the perfect time of year to add something new, not only to shape up for summer, but to keep the holiday sweets and winter blues in check. If you are reading this you are already in the right frame of mind so keep it up!

Second, whatever you do, you are far more likely to stick with it, if you have FUN while you are working out, so make sure what you are doing is making you happy. If you are new to working out, try a sports-related activity in a low-pressure environment (like the Y!). If you already have a regular workout, is it feeling too routine? Is the challenge gone? Focus on enjoying yourself first, you will get healthier and stronger as long as you make an effort.

Third, if you are new to working out, or if you are having trouble staying motivated, take a class or try sports-related exercise which can give you an immediate network of other people both like, and unlike, you who are pursuing their various fitness goals. In the case of team sports, participants are helping each other achieve their goals, even as they pursue their own.

Fourth, if you already exercise regularly, that is GREAT, but understand that our minds and bodies adapt to the workload we put on them, so if you are doing the same (old) routine, you will stay with the same (old) mind and body! If you push yourself to try something new, you will find there are profound mental and physical rewards that enhance the benefit of working out even further.

Fifth, new ways to exercise are all around you: maybe you will take the stairs, or the farthest parking spot; maybe a swim instead of a run; maybe a game instead of a 'workout'. Why not try Wednesday Winter Water Polo at the Middlesex YMCA? It's free to members right now, it's a lot of fun, it's probably something new to you and it's a great workout!

Join us Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM in the large pool (average temperature 81 degrees) for Winter Water Polo!

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PConnelly said...

Great tips.
Thanks JJ.