Friday, February 26, 2010

Richard is the perfect example! Look at his picture and ask yourself:”What would I give for that smile”? He’s one of ours and we are all part of the village that it takes to help him grow safe and strong.

Not long ago Richard didn’t know how to swim but now he has a good start on the basics thanks to some great teachers, a pool conveniently located near his pre-school here at the Middlesex Y and a generous donor.

Richard is the perfect example of the win win nature of philanthropy; Richard gets to learn how to be safe around and enjoy the water. Our generous donor who helped to make this possible gets to see a smile that brightens her day each and every time she sees his picture. What would you give for that smile?

Our Y is a charitable organization that puts your dollars to good use supporting families, building character and promoting wellness. Join our cause!

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