Wednesday, March 24, 2010

E-Drive Success

Was there a better day to hold an Electronics Recycling Drive than this Saturday? I doubt it, and if you were one of the many recyclers that came down you know how beautiful it was! The E-Drive was a huge success. The Computer Recycler themselves reported a huge influx of business this Saturday and that means less chemicals are being leaked into landfills at this very moment. If you want an idea of some harmful effects of these materials just scroll down to my last post. So enough talking, here are the stats.
More than 400 electronic items were recycled including:
  • over 65 radios, speakers, sound systems, tape players, CD players, or DVD players
  • over 50 phones, answering machines, or faxes
  • just over 50 computer monitors
  • 55 computer keyboards
  • over 65 computer towers
  • about 15 laptops
  • over 80 scanners, routers, mice, or printers
  • and many other odds and ends
  • *more than 25 cell phones will be donated to the New Horizons Domestic Violence Shelter in Middletown*
We know some people had a hard time finding the Computer Recycler because of the wrong address, thank you for being patient.

Because this even was such a huge success we plan on holding another event in the late Fall. Stay tuned, and do not throw out those electronics! If you can't wait until then go to The Computer Recycler and check out the times you can drop off your electronics for free. Thanks again for helping to keep our community clean!

If you or any teens you know are interested in helping out with projects similar to this check out the Middlesex YMCA Earth Service Corps on Facebook or on the YMCA web site.

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