Monday, February 21, 2011

Master Raffle Winner for 2011

I had the pleasure last Thursday of having lunch with Tom Sweeny, this year’s Middlesex YMCA Masters Golf Raffle winner. That man sure can smile! He brought along three friends that will be going with him to Augusta in April and they’ve already got their clubs cleaned and ready to ship south.

Tom Lenahan, last year’s raffle winner was able to join us and he brought along his photo album from his trip last April….the smiles got even bigger. Tom and his brothers had a great time and I have no doubt, Tom #2 and his friends will have a great time also.

While it might seem like your name has to be “Tom” to win this raffle, I can assure you that is pure coincidence. And while we’re happy that both Toms and their friends have the chance for great bucket list adventures, we’re thankful for all who took a chance on this great package. In 2 years you helped us raise over $30,000 for our Open Doors Financial Assistance program at Camp Ingersoll. That means that while 8 lucky guys get to the Masters in 2 years, nearly 120 kids have access to a 2 week summer camp experience that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations to Tom and friends…have a great trip. For all who will be watching the April event on TV, stay tuned for word of the next YMCA Camp Ingersoll Masters Golf Raffle which could be yours to win. There’s just one winner at the Masters and it only takes one ticket to win.

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