Saturday, February 2, 2013

Middlesex YMCA Kids' Korner CATCH Kids

Our Kids' Korner Before and After School Programs are committed to providing children with opportunities to participate in an active, healthy lifestyle. The main way that we do this is through implementation of our CATCH program.The message of our CATCH program is that it is fun to be fit, to play hard, to run and jump and move your body. In 2006 the YMCA Kids’ Korner after school programs introduced the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) curriculum in our eleven after school programs. This wellness curriculum is comprised of fun physical fitness games, activities and nutritional resources. Y staff facilitates a daily active game and integrates the nutrition materials into cooking clubs, group discussion and science clubs.

This school year we have begun to recognize children in our programs as "CATCH Kids of the Week". Within our programs, hundreds of children participate in our CATCH program each week. CATCH Kids of the Week are  chosen because they show great enthusiasm during CATCH games, participate daily in our CATCH activities and have great attitudes about daily physical activity.


RT is in 2nd grade. In addition to making silly faces, he enjoys playing basketball in the gym. His favorite CATCH activity is the lame dog walk. Jai'lyn is in 4th grade and her favorite CATCH games are any aerobic games. She enjoys playing Fishy Fish in he gym.

Ally is in 4th grade and loves basketball. Her favorite CATCH game is Scatterball. Osiah is in 5th grade and loves basketball. His favorite CATCH game is also Scatterball. You can catch him in the gym any day working up a sweat. Jenna is in 1st grade and her favorite sport is soccer. Her favorite CATCH game is Dino Ball.

 Nicholas is in fourth grade and loves soccer. His favorite CATCH game is Frisbee Tag. Cole is in second grade and he loves baseball. His favorite CATCH games are Rolling Coconuts and Warlords. 

Patrick is in third grade. His favorite sport is lacrosse and his favorite CATCH game is Foxes, Squirrels and Trees. Ava is in first grade. Her favorite CATCH game is Everybody's It and her favorite sport is basketball.  

Stephen is in 5th grade. His favorite activity at Kids' Korner is "anything in the gym". Amelia is in 3rd grade. She loves running CATCH games and she taught the other kids "hoop challenges". Her favorite thing to do at Kids' Korner is playing in the gym and arts and crafts.

Kristen and Raymond are both 8 years old and are best friends. Kristen's favorite sport is basketball and her favorite CATCH game is team bowling. Raymond's favorite sport is baseball and his favorite CATCH game is Fishy Fishy. 

We are proud and excited to celebrate these kids for their hard work. We cannot wait to add more kids to this list for recognition! For more information about CATCH Programs please visit the CATCH Info website by clicking here. For more information about what's happening at our Kids' Korner programs please visit our Facebook Page.

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