Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Facebook; the good the bad and the ugly.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been both amazed and disappointed with the connectivity that Facebook creates.

AMAZED:  One of our wonderful YMCA Front Desk staff members had a wedding band turned in to our lost and found, and after waiting a short amount of time to see if anyone asked about it we decided to send out a Facebook post about it.  BINGO, less than 12 hours later the ring was reunited with a very grateful groom.  I'm not sure how the message traveled from one user to another, but I know that it was amazing.

DISAPPOINTED:  Like many others I have lost real contact with some of my old friends...sure I see their vacation photos and support their kids walks and other fundraisers, but it's a veil of a real relationship, it's like being nostalgic about things that are happening right now.  So, I thought of asking one of my pals to get together, have dinner and actually get to know his family and talk about old times.   Before I could make the call he posted a long and one sided argument about gun control.  The fact that we disagree about this issue wasn't what was disappointing... it was that we disagreed about why we are on this social media platform in the first place.  Maybe he is right and Facebook is the place to air your political, social and religious agendas...but not for me.

SO: Our YMCA Facebook pages are expanding and they are great places for you to get information, hopefully feel inspired and see all of the wonderful ways that your Y is impacting the community.  It's not a soap box for us...it's a kitchen near the end of a party...everyone is welcome and everyone is sharing a good time. 

Check out these great Y Facebook pages:
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