Monday, March 4, 2013

Why the Northern Middlesex YMCA?

Why the Y? It seems like such a simple, straightforward question, yet we each have our own answers, unique to only us. Each and every member of our Y community has their own reasons for choosing to spend their invaluable time at the Northern Middlesex YMCA. I feel this is more true than ever about the world we live in today. There is certainly no shortage of comparable products in today's market. If you don't like a specific brand, never fear because that same product you need is also available in seventeen others! For me, this further illustrates the need for going above and beyond in our daily interactions. The frameworks may all look the same on the surface, but the intentional additional effort to transcend what is expected will always set us apart and helps us shine. It's not simply meeting expectations, it's exceeding them every chance we can. That is "why the Y?", to me. In this short video, we get an inside look at why some of our members, staff, and program participants choose the Northern Middlesex YMCA. What's YOUR reason?

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