Thursday, April 11, 2013

Community Support Campaign Dodgeball Tournament 2013

Roll_Goat 2013 Community Support Campaign Dodgeball Tournament Winners!

The 3rd annual Community Support Campaign Dodgeball Tournament was held on Sunday, April 7th in the gymnasium at Xavier High School. Over 100 people made up the 13 teams that competed in a series of competitive dodgeball games.
This event was created to bring members of our community together to have fun and help donate to our wonderful cause; the YMCA Community Support Campaign. The Community Support Campaign is an annual fundraiser whose proceeds benefit our YMCA Open Doors Financial Assistance Program. Donations to the Community Support Campaign ensure that all families and children have access to YMCA programs at affordable prices.
 This event helped the YMCA raise $1200.00 for our campaign. The winning team of this year’s Community Support Dodgeball Tournament was “Roll_Goat.” Roll_Goat was lead by team captain Lance Leon, the hard throwing south paw from Cheshire. The champions received a gift certificate to one of Middletown’s great restaurants Mondo Pizza.
Thank you everyone who helped make this tournament a great success. A special thank you goes out to Mondo for kindly donating gift certificates for this year’s event. I hope to see everyone back next year at our Fourth Annual Community Support Campaign Dodgeball Tournament! 

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