Monday, April 1, 2013

Girls Outside and Kids' Korner

“Girls Outside” is a fun outdoor education program for girls that is funded by a grant from the Middlesex County Community Foundation. The primary objective of this program is to enable more girls and women to have positive outdoor experiences and develop the skills, knowledge and comfort level to enjoy some of the many benefits that nature can have in our lives. The program teaches environmental and science education (identifying basic trees and plants, vernal pool studies) and skill building activities (reading trail maps and using a compass) that encourage girls to explore the natural environment and have experiences that develop the confidence to over time be able to explore and connect with nature without an organized group. 

The girls at Snow School Kids' Korner recently hit the trails with Lucy Meigs, founder of Everyone Outside. Lucy took the girls on a hike where they had the opportunity to follow some marked trails and even found a letterbox site! 

For more information about the Everyone Outside program please click here to visit their website. Thank you to the Middlesex County Community Foundation for supporting this program.

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