Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kids' Korner Helps Amazing Grace Food Pantry

YMCA Kids' Korner Before and After School Programs located at the elementary schools in Middletown, Cromwell and Portland were given the challenge of helping local families during the holiday season by donating food items to Amazing Grace Food Pantry. This friendly competition to "stuff the YMCA van" turned into a collection of over 600 items that were delivered to Amazing Grace on Wednesday, December 23rd. Parents, children and staff at Kids' Korner worked hard to collect items and teach the children about the spirit of giving.

While all our Kids' Korner sites contributed food donations, Moody School Kids' Korner was the big winner with over 150 items donated. Not far behind was Woodside Intermediate School Kids' Korner in Cromwell with 100 items. For their tremendous efforts, Moody Kids' Korner will be enjoying a special movie and popcorn party for their half day this afternoon.

Thank you to all our staff, parents and children who helped to make this project a huge success. This is a great example of how the Middlesex YMCA is a community of caring people who support families, build character and promote wellness. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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Robert said...

You folks are fantastic! What great role models for us all!