Monday, January 4, 2010

Sundays are FUN Days at the YMCA

Eight years ago, Tony Sharillo, Camp Director, and I would spend Sunday afternoons trying to find the best place to watch football. The criteria were simple, lots of TVs, good wings and something to do when the games got boring, like Golden Tee video golf. Sundays were a good day.

We still look for things to do on Sunday, but now that we have young children the criteria are different...affordable, safe and something that our family can do together. That was the basis behind creating "Sunday FUN Days" at the Middlesex YMCA.

This Sunday, the YMCA Staff member, Kevin, helped us take out the gymnastic mats so that our kids could practice tumbling and then pulled out some hockey sticks and we knocked a puck around. Tony then took his son to a swim lesson, while I took mine to the family center to play some games. Sunday is still a good day.

Next week we're going to take the family fitness class and stay for Open Swim.

Why don't you bring your family to the YMCA this Sunday?

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