Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keeping that Resolution

Over the Holidays you ate with carefree abandon, knowing full well that you had committed to starting an exercise routine in the new year. And this year would be different because you didn't just tell yourself that you would start but you told EVERYONE. You even went down into the basement and found your old gym bag, you know the one, with the Reebok high tops and the Champion sweatsuit. You even joined the YMCA.

Well, it' been 2's it been going? Have you started with the excuses? "I'll just skip today because I need to go grocery shopping." "I'll go tomorrow, I really have to take down these Christmas decorations." "Isn't American Idol on tonight?". Before you know it you've given up. Of course you're still telling yourself that you haven't...but you have.

If this describes you, it's not too late. Before you give up, try this: work with a personal trainer. There is a reason why celebrities exercise with personal trainers and it's not because they're wealth, it's because they get results. A personal trainer can help you set and reach your goals. Your trainer will make sure that you are optimizing your time and efforts. Your trainer will motivate you by making you accountable and helping you measure your successes.

So, it's time to take your fitness personal. For info on personal training email Kristin Champagne or ask a YMCA fitness staff member.

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