Friday, January 8, 2010

Try the Y Week!

I read a blog written by Seth Godin everyday. For a long time I kept it to myself, and just walked around with this feeling that I knew something that very few others did.
Then it struck me, I need to share this so that other people could get the same benefit that I do. That got me thinking about our YMCA. So many people LOVE our YMCA, but they often keep it to themselves. Well, we are trying to change that.
Beginning on Monday, January 11th we are having "Try the Y" Week and it is an opportunity for our members to "show off" and "brag" about their YMCA. We want them to bring a friend to an exercise class or have another family join them for Open Swim. There are so many wonderful things that happen here at the Middlesex YMCA and so many benefits to be had, we need to share the experience with others.

So, please visit our website for complete details and a schedule of "Try the Y" Week.

And just for the record, you might like Seth's blog, too.

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