Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saying "Thank You" is Rewarding

Last night was a perfect night for baseball, so I took my two children to see a New Britain Rock Cats game. Before I purchased the tickets I noticed that there were a few inflatable activities set up. It turns out it was Principal Financial Family Fun night and the activities were free. So, we spent an hour or so jumping in the sport themed bounce house and taking our picture with Rocky the mascot (who looks surprisingly like a 6'4" mouse). It was great.

Then it was time to head into the stadium and watch (what was left of) the game. As we left the activity area I noticed a pop up tent with a few people that clearly worked for Principal Financial. They were frantically looking at their cell phones (I'm sure keeping a close eye on the market for their customers) and all of the families that were coming and going through the gate to the activity area were just walking past and ignoring them. I decided to approach the table and interrupt them. I then thanked them for the great event and told them how much I appreciated their efforts. After a brief conversation one of the guys handed me two tickets to the game and told me that they included access to the Webster Terrace where we could eat and drink for free.

The kids only made it through 7 innings but the entire adventure did not cost me any money. As we drove home with our shirts and faces stained with mustard and watermelon and I realized that I had learned an important lesson. Saying thank you and expressing your appreciation makes you feel good and it makes that person that you are thanking feel good, too. And sometimes you are even rewarded.

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