Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The importance of Family Dinner

It's hard to believe the heart of the holiday season is already past us; but it is, and now we look forward to fulfilling those New Years Resolutions. Seemingly, every year we make heartfelt goals and most years, I at least, fall short: there's no time, it's not that important, or maybe I just forgot. With that being said, why not choose a resolution that benefits your family while being attainable.

The article "Family Dinner Linked to Better Grades. . ." on the ABC News website reviews a Columbia University survey that has concluded family dinners are beneficial to your children. In addition to limiting some negative social pressures associated with growing up; family dinners, or any meal in general, also "were associated with better school performance, with teens 40 percent more likely to get A's and B's". A professor of child development at Tufts University states: "At a time when kids are under a lot of stress for a lot of different reasons, having that regular mealtime that they can count on, that their parents are there for support, that can be very helpful". So we all knew dinner with the family was a good thing, but now we have proof and with our hectic schedules of practices, clubs, and play dates it's never a bad time to take a deep breath and spend some quality time with your family.

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Tony Sharillo said...

Thank you for sharing this information Ben. Too often we become too busy trying to provide opportunities for our families to learn, grow and develop, that we take for granted the importance of slowing down and enjoying quality time with one another. Riding in the car from soccer practice to piano lessons does not count. While those activities may be valuable, nothing is more valuable than the time you spend with your loved ones.